Please read this user manual and warnings carefully before using our horse-riding safety stirrups.

In case of use by minors, they must be supervised by an experienced adult who can explain the proper use of the stirrups and provide them with the information contained herein.

Safety stirrups have a movable part with an opening mechanism equipped with a spring; it is mandatory to ensure before each use that the movable part of the stirrups opens and closes automatically and therefore that no external bodies are preventing its opening.


Tech Stirrups are provided with direction marks on the ring: R = RIGHT – L = LEFT

During use, the R and L marks must face the rider [PIC. 1-2] and must always be mounted on the corresponding foot (R on the right foot, L on the left foot).

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Tech Stirrups must be mounted with the movable part facing outwards.

During use, the movable part must never face the horse’s ribs.

During use, the side opening of the Tech Stirrups is only possible if:

1) The rider pushes the movable part outward with the forefoot until the foot comes out;

2) Both stirrups have been mounted correctly on the saddle;

3) The stirrups are cleaned and lubricated regularly;

4) Nothing hinders the opening of the moving part and/or the movement of the foot (horse’s body, obstacle, wall, vegetation, etc.);

Do not place the ankle into the stirrup’s ring.


We advise cleaning both the grip and the spring mechanism located under the tread using only a direct jet of water. It is essential to remove any potential foreign bodies (sand, stones, etc.) that may have been deposited in the safety mechanism, as they may prevent the opening system from working properly. To extend the life of the grip, we recommend using the stirrups with clean boot soles and cleaning the stirrups after each use.

If the stirrups are stored with the saddle, we suggest using stirrup covers

We recommend keeping the spring mechanism well-lubricated. [PIC. 3]

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For ‘Plus’ stirrup models it is necessary to insert oil into the 6 grooves on the pad of each stirrup. [PIC. 4]

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Do not wear clothing and/or accessories that obstruct the functioning of the stirrup. The functioning of Tech Stirrups safety mechanism has been tested at a maximum temperature of +80° C and a minimum temperature of -20° C.

Remember that the stirrups have to be put accurately on the saddle for the safety mechanism to work properly.

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Watch your hands

Do not disassemble

Do not slam

Do not crush

Do not throw or drop

Do not run while keeping the stirrups in your hands

Do not wash the stirrups in a dishwasher

Do not leave the product to minors without adult supervision

Do not disperse into the environment


Warranty excludes wear and tear (grip wear is not covered by warranty), third-party changes, improper storage or maintenance and/or use, that is, other than that for which the device was designed.

All Tech Stirrups products are tested and checked carefully before being launched. Tech Stirrups products are covered by a 3-year warranty, valid from the date of purchase, against defects in materials or manufacturing. It is recommended that you keep your sales receipt because the date the sales receipt is issued declares the beginning of the warranty period.

To make a complaint or to ask for advice on stirrups please write an e-mail to:

GM PRODUCTION SRL, the owner of the brand name, declines any responsibility for non-compliance with the above in this manual.